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Who will perform my scan?

Scans are performed by one of our very experienced sonographers. The sonographers within Surrey Ultrasound are keen to pass on this experience and all have practical teaching experience. We encourage the teaching of junior members of staff, for example trainee GPs within the surgeries occasionally spend time observing scans to further their practical knowledge.

When will I get the results from my scan?

The sonographer will give you a verbal report at the end of the scan. A written report is immediately typed and sent to your GP. If urgent action is required the report will be faxed immediately to the surgery in question.

When will my Doctor get the results?

If you are being seen at the surgery you are registered at, the report is available immediately for the Doctor. For most other surgeries, a courier system is used to ensure the safe and confidential transfer of information. Please allow 5 working days for the surgery to receive and process the report.

Do I have to go back to my Doctor after the scan?

Whilst ultrasound is a very good first line investigation, it cannot tell us everything and is often used in conjunction with other tests. We always recommend a further consultation with the referring Doctor to ensure further tests or investigations are not required and for follow-up.

Does a trans-vaginal scan (TVS) hurt?

A special probe the size of a tampon, covered in a sheath is inserted into the vagina. Although it sounds painful, in most circumstances, it is not at all uncomfortable and is the preferred method of examination. Very occasionally, some people do find it a little painful; if this is the case and someone wanted the examination to stop, then we will do so immediately.

Are ultrasound scans safe?

The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) council in 2007 state “There is no evidence that diagnostic ultrasound has produced any harm to patients in the four decades that it has been in use”. Ultrasound is not an ionising radiation, as are X-rays for example; there are no known hazardous effects provided the routine operating guidelines are met.

Surrey Ultrasound Services ensures all equipment is maintained appropriately, with external servicing contracts established. All sonographers carry out Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure current professional standards are met.

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